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Meet upnup, Africa’s first passive micro-investing app. With us, you can accumulate Bitcoin on autopilot! 

Download our app below and receive R50 of BTC when you complete your upnup wallet setup.

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We’re the first fintech platform in South Africa that allows you to accumulate funds through our addup or roundup feature. Here’s how you can get started with us. 

Download the upnup App for Android or sign up for Early Access on iOS below.

Set up your profile and link your transactional bank account in order to micro-save directly to your upnup wallet. Your data is secured by Stitch, anonymised and never shared.

Choose your preferred saving method (roundup or addup), set a monthly maximum limit if you choose, and sit back while your micro-investments accumulate, weekly, on auto-pilot.

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How does upnup work?

Link and Verify
After creating your upnup profile and confirming your email address, you'll be asked to safely and securely link your bank account via our integration partner, Stitch. Once that has been complete and your personal details have been verified through our AI-powered process, you can proceed in setting up your saving preferences.
Roundup or Addup?
Setting your savings preferences mean you select between our roundup or addup feature. You also have the option to set your weekly maximum. This ensures you save the way you choose, conveniently and securely. These amounts are accumulated weekly into your upnup wallet, in either ZAR or BTC (the choice is yours!)
Savings on Autopilot
Once you've created your account and chosen your savings preferences, you're truly in the "set and forget" mode as your micro-savings and investment journey now becomes as convenient as ever. Keep an eye on your banking app as you may need to re-authenticate transactions for security purposes from time to time.

We are championing micro-investing for South Africans.

What is micro-investing?

Micro-investment, which involves putting away small amounts of money, consistently and over time, makes it possible to save with relatively little effort. With upnup, you can save without having to make drastic lifestyle changes or set up onerous savings accounts, that could help you reach your long-term savings goals.

How does upnup allow me to micro-invest?

Our app rounds up each time you spend to the nearest rand and that saving is automatically invested. This is done by adding an addup or roundup amount to every qualifying transaction on your linked bank account.

“Simply set and forget, and let upnup do the work.”
- Tony Mallam, Managing Director

We work with the five major banks in South Africa.

Linking your bank account is an integral part of how upnup works. Good news is that we have partnered Stitch to create an open-banking partnership with the top five banks in South Africa.

By giving us restricted access to your bank account, we are able to scan your transactions and apply the necessary roundup or addup amounts into your upnup wallet.

Rest assured that your information is perfectly safe, always anonymized, and your financial information is never stored.

Why micro-invest with upnup?

Micro-saving with upnup makes micro-investing an exciting way of gaining simple, easy and convenient entry to the investment space as a means of laying the foundation for your future.

Simple Investments

Our platform is designed to make it quick and simple to begin your micro-savings and investment journey in just a few easy steps. Save as you spend, without worrying about running out of money to save.

Investment on Autopilot

There's no need to time the market or wait for "the right" moment. Enjoy weekly passive micro-investments without having to lift a finger.

Safe & Secure

We don't store your data or your banking credentials. Everything you do with upnup is completely anonymous through our state-of-the-art technology and integration partners.

Easy Withdrawal

With just a few taps, withdrawing your hard earned savings is super quick and easy thanks to the direct link between your transaction account and upnup.

24/7 Support

Need help? We're online round the clock to ensure we resolve any queries. Get in touch with our team via Live Chat, Email or Phone - whatever suits you, whenever it suits you.


We'll automatically turn your micro-savings into Bitcoin micro-investments, but you can choose to convert to straight back to ZAR if you'd prefer to keep your savings in local currency.

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On the upnup with Tony Mallam

“People are battling – by the time they get to the end of the month, they need to pay all their bills and there’s nothing left for savings,” he continues. “Rather, get into a routine of regularly putting money away and let us enable this for you with our app so that you set it and forget it. We’re creating an automatic savings tool.”

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What people are saying

I have been using upnup since the beta version and have been very happy with the product and support. The experience has been seamless and once the set-up has been committed, it does what is meant to without requiring any further input. My investment in crypto has been steadily increasing. Really great product to get into crypto for those that don’t have easy access or if you think you can’t afford to.
Sadiq Nacerodien, 43
IT Governance @ Allan Gray
I was always hesitant to save and invest outside of traditional routes but the upnup app gave me an opportunity to start saving every time I spend. By investing my daily automatic savings into cryptocurrency, I’m able to diversify my investments without any hassle whatsoever.

Michele Marrai, 37
Founder of Forte (Gymtech startup)

Meet the team

An idea born in Cape Town, South Africa, upnup boasts a strong collective of entrepreneur-minded individuals - led by managing director Tony Mallam - with each team member bringing their own unique contribution to the success of the business.

Little by little, rand by rand, we're building a purpose led brand to help South Africa and beyond. We are in a time of financial strain and it’s a challenge we are all feeling. We can help change that. We'll show people a better way. We'll empower a culture shift from debt to savings to micro-investing.

Let’s open up the markets. Let’s empower and enable all people with a sense of belonging. To a positive new way of making your money, work faster n smarter. Together, we can micro-invest in an upnup life for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

You simply need to download the app and register. You’ll be asked to upload a photo of yourself and your identity document to prove you are who you say you are.

We currently only charge a weekly transaction fee if you participate in the week’s saving cycle, and a small fee to withdraw your funds back into your personal linked account.

We are not investment advisors at all. We simply offer our users a platform which enables them to micro-invest in Bitcoin on a weekly basis.

There’s always a risk to any investment regardless the type of asset. Please be sure to do your research and fully understand the risks involved in any investment strategy.

The upnup app works by analyzing your bank statements to determine how to apply your addup or roundup savings option. This means the system needs access to your transactional account in order to view these transactions and then transfer your micr0-savings over to your upnup wallet.

Yes! Right now we offer every new user R50.00 worth of Bitcoin once they’ve completed their upnup wallet setup.

At this point in time, withdrawals of Bitcoin to your self-custody wallet is not possible but we are working on it! In the mean time, you can convert your Bitcoin to ZAR and withdraw that directly to your linked account.

At this point in time, we have launched with a basic set of features and one asset – Bitcoin. We do intend to add more in the coming months so watch this space.

No! We are not a crypto exchange at all – in fact we use one of the most reputable crypto exchanges, Valr, as our provider and we do not offer any exchange-type features (such as trading) on our platform.

The upnup team is on standby to assist – simply reach out to us at any time.

📧 support@upnup.co.za

📱 +27 21 753 3645

Dedicated WhatsApp Support: +27 67 428 2871

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