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We are the first fintech platform in South Africa that allows you to reward yourself after every purchase through micro-investing.

Empowering everyone to save and micro-invest in their futures.

Upnup works by adding an addup or roundup amount to every qualifying transaction on your linked bank account, accumulating small amounts which turn into real investments over time.

Here’s how you can get started with us. Set and forget, and save every time you spend.

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How does upnup work?

Link and Verify
After creating your upnup profile and confirming your email address, you'll be asked to safely and securely link your bank account via our integration partner, Stitch. Once that has been complete and your personal details have been verified through our AI-powered process, you can proceed in setting up your saving preferences.
Roundup or Addup?
Setting your savings preferences mean you select between our roundup or addup feature. You also have the option to set your weekly maximum. This ensures you save the way you choose, conveniently and securely. These amounts are accumulated weekly into your upnup wallet, in either ZAR or BTC (the choice is yours!)
Savings on Autopilot
Once you've created your account and chosen your savings preferences, you're truly in the "set and forget" mode as your micro-savings and investment journey now becomes as convenient as ever. Keep an eye on your banking app as you may need to re-authenticate transactions for security purposes from time to time.

Why micro-invest with upnup?

Micro-saving with upnup makes micro-investing an exciting way of gaining simple, easy and convenient entry to the investment space as a means of laying the foundation for your future.

Simple Investments

Our platform is designed to make it quick and simple to begin your micro-savings and investment journey in just a few easy steps. Save as you spend, without worrying about running out of money to save.

Investment on Autopilot

There's no need to time the market or wait for "the right" moment. Enjoy weekly passive micro-investments without having to lift a finger.

Safe & Secure

We don't store your data or your banking credentials. Everything you do with upnup is completely anonymous through our state-of-the-art technology and integration partners.

Easy Withdrawal

With just a few taps, withdrawing your hard earned savings is super quick and easy thanks to the direct link between your transaction account and upnup.

24/7 Support

Need help? We're online round the clock to ensure we resolve any queries. Get in touch with our team via Live Chat, Email or Phone - whatever suits you, whenever it suits you.


We'll automatically turn your micro-savings into Bitcoin micro-investments, but you can choose to convert to straight back to ZAR if you'd prefer to keep your savings in local currency.

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